Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bits and Scraps

The backs of metal dresses.
I get the name for this piece because 98% of it consists of the back of a metal dress I made for a fashion show that took place at Gallery 1313 in Parkdale in the year of 2004.
Just click Metal Dresses to see more.

Basically this show was an attempt at combining some of the multiple interests that I have. I had just started working with wood in a slightly more comfortable fashion. Though saying that as I look back at some of the frames. I have to wonder, just where my head was at. I had also just come off a fashion show, and the metal dresses were dragging me down.

changed my world. It was also myThis was also my first time experiencing the joys of epoxy. It first time using photographs of old metal works in new pieces. Maybe one day I will make a dress out of photos from dresses long since given over to the rust of time and bad storage.

So here is a collection of pieces that consist of photographs, metal dress parts, computer parts, paintings and other nifty cast offs I found laying on my spaceship floor.


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